After a record breaking snow year, summer is on the horizon.  The days are longer and temps are not as frigid.  If you have not seen Breckenridge without a layer of snow, then you are missing out!  There are some amazing summer activities for all.  This year, with all the snow melt, rafting should be a thriller.  There are some amazing rafting opportunities around the area if you are a junkie wanting to get on the water.  If you want to stay on dry land, hiking and taking in all the wildflowers and wildlife is also a fun adventure.  The trails in Breckenridge are abundant and I think so are better than others, so feel free to contact me and ask!  Fly fishing is also a fun way to spend the afternoon, as well as a round of golf.  Stick around for a long weekend and catch some of the annual festivals.

The list could go on and on!  Skiing is not the only activity that keeps us in fit.  Let me know what interests you have.